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  Our tax team has strong experiences on local and international taxes. GSiA has performed significant tax cases with were valauble to the clients. Our services are as followings:

  We are providing our professional audit based on the International Standards on Auditing (ISA). Our Audit Team has international experiences from the large international audit firms. We are independent, integrity and highly professional.

  It is very important that the investors should understand tax, laws and regulations and comply with them as there are some specific tax rules which are different for each country. Running businesses in Thailand, it is recommended to have basic knowledge on tax and regulations. GSiA has a strong reputation about tax services.

  Our partners have direct experiences on significant tax cases for the large multi-national companies that we worked with the government authorities. We also appreciate to provide our recommendations to small to medium-sized businesses on the compliance to tax laws since starting up of the companies

Our Services

  • Tax Examination/Investigatio

  • Tax Advisory

  • Personal Income Tax of Foreigners

  • Corporate Income Tax

  • Tax Planning